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I internalized these observations of women being "slut-shamed" and felt a looming cloud of guilt over my head for dating Kris.

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However, there seemed to be heightened support for Kris the lawsuit was filed.

The disturbing part is that the growth in praise and attention we always wanted for Kris came with the demonization of Yasmine and me.

And just because there are movies and TV shows with female judges and CEOs doesn't mean it's a reflection of reality.

We may have evolved as a society in terms of gender rights, and laws and displaying powerful representations of women in the media compared to decades ago, but this doesn't mean that attitudes toward gender equality are being Since my earliest experiences on social networks, I have witnessed women in the media being condemned for having sex or dating people within their industry.

Kris' lawsuit rallied up thousands of fans to show an immense amount of support for him by sharing their mistrust of women and blatant derogatory assumptions about women (i.e.: "the girls didn't do anything except use their sex to sell the group"…"this is why you should never go into business with a woman"…"they are just puppets for the genius who did all the work"). It is quite a shame that Kris was guided by his legal counsel -- Dina La Polt was quoted saying we "didn't know what was a middle C on the keyboard …

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