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Dylan gallantly owned up to the images via some clever Twitter posts.

"Whoops, guess I'm not 14 and fat anymore," said one of his tweets.

As child actors the brothers would often share roles, such as Ross’ son Ben in Friends and Julian Mc Grath in Big Daddy.

Without the safety net of the Disney brand, getting back to where they were could take years to achieve, which may not be a gamble Hollywood is willing to take. v=Loky Lfx SCCs that "a break is fundamental" for child stars.

It may be fundamental, but Hollywood certainly was not a fan of the hiatus.

The series and its sequel The Suite Life on Deck ran until 2011, with a feature film airing around the same time as the finale.

Riverdale marks Cole’s first TV role away from his brother, and the actor plans to keep his new job all to himself.

“We would never fight, we would be perfect for how many ever episodes this show goes on.

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