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But while gender-specific marketing and peer pressure in preschool can influence a tot’s taste in toys, there’s good evidence that there’s also something innate about preferences for certain playthings, starting around age one.

In fact, girls who are exposed to higher-than-normal levels of sex hormones, including testosterone, in the womb show an above-average interest in cars and trucks.

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It turns out that behavior and development have more to do with life experiences than they do with gender — and in order to reach his or her full potential, your cutie needs lots of attention and encouragement from the get-go.

Read on to learn more about where (and how much) gender plays a role in your son or daughter’s development.

One reason boys tend to outscore girls on the math portion of the SAT is that they may have an advantage when it comes to spatial skills — or the ability to solve problems involving size, distance, and the relationship between objects.

Although social expectations for male mathletes probably play a big role in this gender difference, studies have found that the difference does appear very early in life.

While the reading-faces skill begins at birth, both nature and nurture play a role — the difference in ability is more than twice as pronounced in grown-up men and women as it is in little ones. Experts think it's because girls are taught to express their feelings, while boys are encouraged to suck it up.

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