Scott michael foster dating 2016

, will play Nathaniel, a lawyer from a prominent family who technically is from the San Gabriel Valley but who is nonetheless from a very different world.

When he collides with Rebecca and the people in her life, he affects everyone’s future.

D." actress Saffron Burrows, left, revealed in an interview with The Guardian that she eloped with her longtime girlfriend, "Ellen De Generes Show" writer Alison Balian, in August 2014.

The infant was dressed in a cozy grey fleece jacket with a hood pulled over a white hat.

Locking arms as they made their way along the boulevard, the sneering couple seemed right at home in the New York landscape.

In July of 2016, the first rumors of the actors' relationship began to swirl.

It wasn't until October of the same year, however, that the couple made their relationship public, when they announced their engagement during a red carpet event.

According to People magazine, they held the ceremony at the New York Public Library and are the first same-sex couple to host a wedding at the historic landmark. Jodie Foster, left, is adept at keeping her private life low-key.

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