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As a result, many norms served the purpose of improving the defense capacity of the country by discouraging internal fighting, encouraging people to warn one another in cases of invasion, conscripting fighters to come to the defence of the empire when summoned, preparing at least one armed soldier for every ten households, and marshalling forces together at the lord’s place when a warning signal has been sounded.Those found to have broken these provisions were severely punished.

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The Khalkh Juram Law was the unified code that kept the legal tradition that followed the earlier ages and regulated increasingly complex social relationships.

As a result, it has come under great scrutiny by scholars and researchers.

It gathers together many laws from different fields and was promulgated as a Collection of laws at different places and at different times.

Thus, norms of the state, as well as administrative, civil, family, and criminal laws, were stipulated in the Khalkh Juram law.

Written and unwritten, laws had likely always played a significant role in the lives of Central Asia’s nomadic peoples, even reportedly as far back as the Third Century BC.

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