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He doesnt just talk down one avenue, like some Guru's such as David De Angelo but covers much more, such as social anxiety, visualisation and much more.

I need to study his DVD's in more detail once I get them on the Ipod but his guides are fairly sound.

Major on the major things (job, physically fit, social life & hobbies) and be confident and outgoing. Women shouldn't be the center of your life..they are icing on the cake!

well hands down i would say: Mystery method as basic knowledge (forget his patterns, i hate patterns) but his basic idea of male/female relation is a must know. Hydro Penis Pumps have become a Massive Tool in Penis Size Gaining and Healing! Get the Phallosan The All Day and All Night Stretcher Now $100 in extras! Follow the SRT Routine: Maximizing Gains and Healing Fastest!

The founders Owen Cook (Tyler) and Nick Kho (Papa) are frauds.

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