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Every girl wants the bad guy in her earily stage of life, order a book from amazon on how to pick girls up, they did sure change me, I recommand it, but please if your gonna order and just read it and not actually do the missions or the things they ask you to do in there, then don't waste your money on that book, if your seriouse about change then go ahead and order and Pm me in private I'll give you a good book to read, or too.

I found 2 books to be really good if you compain both of them together.

the women around you who aren't familiar friends -- that seems like your universe of opportunity.

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I've been single for a long time and have difficulty getting into relationships with women.

Recently I've been giving a lot of thought to why I find it so hard and what I can do about it. I'd be really grateful for advice on either: 1 - I have no trouble meeting girls and becoming friends.

In the past I've compared dating to: My married friends tell me I'm lucky to be single, and my single friends lament about how they can't find someone. I'll make out here and there, hit on a girl here and there, but I have built-in methods of keeping the "serious" away. Some even say that it's against our biology (especially males) to remain faithful.

Biology aside, I'm learning that more and more people don't even have enough morals to avoid cheating. She joined a dating site and called me into her office to ask me if I thought that was bad.

On occasions I have been told by mutual friends after the event a girl was really keen on me but I had no idea at the time.

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