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Much of what Cole painted has not changed over the years, and vacationers still come for the sheer beauty of the place.

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“I’ve always had a big interest in Alternative energy and after seeing the savings and the huge amount of carbon reduction, And since we can officially say the Inn at Ca’Mea is now completed we saw no reason not to install the Panels.” – Max Cenci, Co-Owner of the Inn At Ca’Mea.

Keeping with a philosophy of having a small carbon footprint Max’s partner at Ca’Mea, Roy Felcetto, also now drives an electric car and offers a high speed charger to guest who drive electric cars.

Written by Debbie Bruno of the Washington Post It happened as we drove one evening across the Rip Van Winkle Bridge in New York’s Hudson Valley. ¶ And, at the risk of waxing rhapsodic about the romantic landscapes created by 19th-century painters, we felt, for a moment, as if the great artists were looking down and smiling on us, their modern-day kindred spirits.

As the sun slipped behind the jagged edge of the Catskill Mountains to the west, the clouds lit up, making a pink-and-golden canopy over our heads. ¶ After all, we were halfway between Olana, the stunning Persian-style home of Frederic Edwin Church, and Cedar Grove, Thomas Cole’s estate near the western banks of the river.

Upstate Dispatch did an interview with him which you can read here.

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