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This makes all the other categories except 2c seem at least not as “godly.” One alternative that Harris’s church has pushed for a number of years is singles doing things in groups vs.

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This confirms what I am sharing above that Harris didn’t really indicate he wanted to kiss all dating goodbye, just a certain type of dating goodbye. I am almost at 18,000 hits for this blog which is far more than I ever thought would happen when set up this blog.

Tags: Betrothal, Boundaries In Dating, Boy Meets Girl, C. The fairly constant hits that this blog gets shows me that there still is some need for this type of blog.

He also feels it is wrong to be “coupled up” before one is ready to pursue marriage.

Even if one does believe and follow Harris’s thoughts on all of this he unfortunately doesn’t make it clear what he is “kissing goodbye.” This leads to what some call a “shotgun affect” to where all dating is decried as being wrong while his alternative “courtship” becomes the only thing that is acceptable reason for 2 singles to be together.

Hopefully this message at least brought about changs at CLC with how the singles relate. For those of you reading this still part of a SG Church what change have you noticed at CLC or within SG as a result of this message?

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