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College of Applied Arts, Department of Agriculture Mc Coy College of Business Administration Team Mentors: Dr. Janet Hale Team Members: Maggie Ericksen, Alex Mc Moran Corporate Sponsors: Bobcat Blend, Staples, Waste Management Instead of hair and fur being disposed of in a landfill, this material can be used as a sustainable compost and soil stabilizer material for landscaping and construction projects.

The system does not require landfilling, which reduces long-term costs and risks to oil and gas producers.

College of Science and Engineering, Ingram School of Engineering Team Mentors: Lee Hinkle, Dr.

Austin Talley Team Members: Isaac Bondoc, Jacob Johnson, John Marquez, Will Poeppelmeyer, Joshua Torres Corporate Sponsors: Jacobs, NASA This prototype aims to create a mobile and low-cost unit to measure water quality.

The goal is to reproduce the design in kits that can be used by students and hobbyists for environmental data collection.

Lawrence Estaville Team Members: Kaliegh Benck, Mark Deka, Ritchie Jose, John Ponstingel Through interactive visualizations and a straightforward point-and-click interface for nontechnical users, the cloud-based atlas enables industrial leaders, large and small businesses, government policymakers, researchers, students, and the general public to explore a myriad of Texas economic data.

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