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"It's bad," Sharon replies, meta-textually reviewing the movie she's in.9.Bad News Simon So it's 2007 all of a sudden, and Britt and Creepy Simon start dating and then get engaged two seconds later.

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The crowning glory of this sequence is Fake Alicia Silverstone's epically wretched wig, which looks like it was sewn together from the desiccated remains of three other wigs. " "I'm Brittany Murphy," she repeats, with exactly the same nonexistent level of intensity, and the music soars. Jersey Friend requests bacon, Britt offers her a kale smoothie instead, and the Garden State resident rejects her fancy Malibu health food. They totally make out in the middle of a photo shoot, flirtatiously eat some fries, and then half-assedly break up.

Too bad there are no actual blond-haired women in Hollywood.3. Brittany Murphy," Britt says, like she's a concussed James Bond. Cue sad piano chords as Britt laments: "I'm just having such a hard time relating to her now. "What happened to us between when we first hooked up and now? Britt's answer is thoughtful and even includes a simile: "We were playing newlyweds in a movie.

Kutcher went on to marry Demi Moore two years later, and Murphy was married in 2007 to screenwriter Simon Monjack, with whom she remained until her passing in 2009.

However, their fling ended abruptly after seven months, to the surprise of Ashton and Brittany's friends and family.

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