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The team discovers his car is covered with acetone, which traces back to one of the female guests.

Alexx is performing the autopsy on Laken, and after exchanging a mischievous look, Delko and Calleigh send newbie Ryan Wolfe to observe the autopsy.

He keeps his cool until he notices Laken's head has been severed and Alexx is boiling the skin off to get to the skull so that they can determine what kind of weapon he was killed with.

Chad was also at speed dating and he saw Richard acting strangely before he ran out of the club.

Calleigh identifies the speed dater who would have been in Richard's line of sight when he was talking to Rebecca as Jack Smith.

Ryan gets a piece of rare Kobe beef from a napkin found at the scene, and they trace it to the Solar State Insurance skybox.

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