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Top Dating Advice: Guys notice the littlest things. If you can’t be honest with me or have my back, then you’re not worth having around....” The Craziest Thing He's Done For Love: "On the day of me and my ex's anniversary I locked handcuffs on both of our wrists so we wouldn't leave each other the entire day." Top Dating Advice: "It drives guys crazy (in a good way! Keep him guessing by waiting an hour to text back."Age: 20 Relationship Status: Single Follow Him: @Okan Is All Now Favorite Way To Chill Out: I play full-time in a nationally touring band called This Is All Now.If you're across the room, a little eye contact and a subtle hair flip shows you're into him and will draw him closer. I’m a little bit of a player.” Follow Him: @Solomoneyy Favorite Way To Chill Out: “I party a lot; people call me the male Paris Hilton. On the side I love to workout and do a lot of cardio circuit training. I love to eat, and hopefully she does too, because my favorite date is to go to a restaurant — any restaurant except fast food. Relationship Status: Single Hobbies: Paintball, trap shooting, and playing guitar. She called it "Paulie Pamper Night." Along with being especially sweet to me, she treated me to a meal at my favorite restaurant. But I did take my current GF to Cirque du Soleil, and that was amazing. I don't get why girls look into things more than is really needed. A girl can stand out in my eyes if she isn't skanky. I like girls with welcoming personalities, pretty faces, and athletic bodies. My girlfriend is very faithful with her early morning breakfasts. It's annoying when a girl acts really obnoxious and she's being fake.

Don't even stress about it because if the guy's cool, he'll laugh it off anyway.

Age: 16 Relationship Status: Single—but I want a girlfriend.

Follow Him: @Max Sadvakas Favorite Way To Chill Out: Making funny videos with his friends.

What He Looks For In A Girl: Personality is a big thing. The Craziest Thing He's Done For Love: I went camping with my family, then I met this girl and we hung out and talked 'till midnight.

What He Looks For In A Girl: I think true beauty is the girls that have no idea that they’re even cute.

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